Olga Savina - Strategic Planner

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Olga Savina olga
Birth name         Olga Savina
Known as Olganiser
Born 20 Nov 1986 (age 26)
Origin Latvia
Residency Leeds, England
Languages Russian and English
Occupation Strategic Planner

Olga Savina (Russian: Ольга Валерьевна Савина; born November 20), better known as ‘Olganiser’, is a Latvian-born British-trained Creative Strategist. She is best known for her inquisitive, challenging mind and sharp thinking.

Currently, Savina is working at the innovation consultancy Blond Ideas Group. She is internationally based and works with Fortune 500 companies.

Early Life and Education

Savina was raised in Daugavpils, Latvia, in a family of four, a cat and two parrots. Savina’s military father encouraged her to participate in school competitions and with no choice given, she had to win. Upon completing school she was given the ‘School’s Most Promising Student’ award. Other notable achievements included winning a national award in creative writing; initiating an award-winning school theatre group, becoming 4-times regional champion in debates and 2-times regional champion in public speaking.

In 2005, being fascinated by diplomatic relationships and propaganda, Savina moved to the UK to study International Relations at the University of Bradford Peace Studies Department. She was an active member of Peace Studies Society; took part in the United Nations Security Council Simulation; was elected twice to be a Course Representative and International Students’ Officer, and ran two successful election campaigns, one of which secured her a presidential post.


Planner (Sept 2011- present)

In September 2011 Savina joined an ambitious advertising and design agency McGrath O’Toole as an Account Executive. In three months time she was promoted to the role of Planner.

In her role as a sole-planner within the company she spent her days and nights providing strategic ‘bones’ to the team of creatives; as well as assisting with new business research and account management. Savina worked on numerous projects with clients ranging from B2B to retail to FMCG.

Her tasks included campaign planning and strategy, brand positioning and repositioning, research, customer insights and new product development (NPD). Her main strengths lie in NPD and brand strategy; and the sound of a highlighter on a Mintel report is music to her Russian ears. She tackles strategic planning with curiosity, logic and an open mind. Her ability to see a bigger picture and ‘must win’ attitude encourages her to go to whatever lengths necessary to uncover brand truths and find previously untapped opportunities.

She worked with brands including Something Wicked, Needle, Red Letter Days, Simon on the StreetsMoreLife and large drinks manufacturer, for whom Savina worked on new product development. In her time with the agency, the business grew from 4 to 12 people and experienced a massive client base and billing growth.

Business and Marketing Officer (Sept 2009- Sept 2011)

In September 2009 Savina developed a business idea for a not-for-profit art centre in Bradford. After her business plan was shortlisted to the final of Yorkshire Business Kickstart Competition, she received a job offer of an Enterprise Support Officer with Incommunities. Her role was to assist recruitment and development of a business centre and network.

Savina conceived, developed and managed a customer feedback platform, both online and offline; and launch of the networks’ Social Networking Site. When she left in September 2011, the network had doubled in size in under a year, and had secured funding for 2011/2012.

Presidency (June 2008 –June 2009)

Savina was elected into the Bradford Students’ Union office in June 2008 with 63% of votes.

Being responsible for academic related issues, Savina restructured, repositioned and rebranded the Course Representative System, and as a result, attracted 35% more participants than the previous year. Savina also initiated a ‘Buddy Scheme’ for international students and a Teaching Excellence Award. The latter was a solution to the negative trend she identified of students feeling disattached from their lecturers due to the lack of leadership and inspiration.

Notable Career Milestones

Something Wicked: New brand positioning and launch



Something Wicked was a new and aspiring online e-commerce brand within the luxury lingerie and pleasure goods sector. Target market: successful city women. The client aimed to empower females in exploring their sexuality through high-end goods.



Something Wicked e-commerce site launched in October 2012. The social media campaign attracted more than 4000 unique visitors in the three weeks prior to launch. Something Wicked are now stocked internationally and nationally in the retailers such as Coco de Mer. The brand has been featured in leading industry publications.


Energy Drink: Repositioning

Due to nondisclosure agreement, the name of the manufacturer and drink cannot be displayed, and generic ‘Energy’ is used. References are available if required.


In January 2012 one of the drinks manufacturers in the UK wanted to launch a range of energy drinks, under its own brand. Their positioning was a me-too Red Bull, using extreme sport imagery. The challenge was to create a new brand that would stand out in the saturated market, with very limited marketing budget.



Energy Drink is set to launch in spring/summer 2013.

Personal Life

Savina currently lives in a great city of London, where she moved from Leeds.

She enjoys running and takes part in half-marathon events around the country and has been known to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care and Farplace Animal Rescue. She has a passion for cold-water swimming; surfing, NLP and afternoon teas.

Savina also enjoys spending time observing people, which has resulted in some rather peculiar situations.

Planning Philosophy and Practice

Savina believes in the following: